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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum term i can rent a property for?

Assure Properties will provide assured shorthold tenancies of a minimum of 6 months.

What is the deposit I would have to pay?

You will be required to pay an equivalent amount of 5 weeks rent as a security deposit. This deposit will be protected with a government approved deposit protection company.

What deposit scheme does assure properties use?

We are members of the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) and your deposit will be held in their custodial scheme. 

When do i pay the 1st month rent & deposit?
You will be required to pay one month’s rent plus the tenancy deposit (less the holding deposit already paid) by bank transfer, three days prior to the tenancy commencing. We cannot accept ordinary cheques, switch cards or credit cards. After this initial payment you will be required to pay your rent by standing order. The standing order will come out of your account two days before the rental payment date, in order to ensure we receive the money on the rent due date.
Can I have tenancies longer than 6 months?

Some Landlords require a minimum of 12 months tenancies so we are usually driven by the requirements of the landlord. However, if you are iniially offered only a 6 month tenancy, this can normally extended for longer periods after satisfactory completion of the intial fixed term subject to getting approval from the Landlord.

Can I ask you for advice?

We are always keen to help you to settle down into your new home so feel free to call either Minesh or Ash on 01908 330 884.

What fees are payable to secure a tenancy?

If you view a property and wish to proceed, a holding deposit equivalent to one week’s rent is required. Once this holding deposit is paid, the property will be removed from further marketing until you complete the required reference checking process. 

We are able to arrange Company Lets at a charge of £350.00 (inc VAT) for the set up and arrangement of the tenancy agreement. 

Many landlords have restrictions regarding pets (particularly cats and dogs) and specify that they will not allow them at the property. The property particulars and marketing will clearly show if the landlord will accept pets and will also show the rent of the property to take this in to consideration. If you have pets it is important that you disclose this before you pay a holding deposit as non-disclosure may lead to your application failing and your holding deposit not being returned.
Many landlords have restrictions regarding people who smoke. For this reason it is important that you let us know if any of the prospective tenants are smokers in order that we may find you a suitable property.
What is the notice period I would need for ending my tenancy

During the initial fixed term of tenancy neither you nor the landlord can give notice to end the contract except in extreme circumstances which would need to be individually discussed and assessed. Under normal circumstances, towards the end of your fixed term we will require a minimum 1 month advance notification in writing for ending your tenancy starting on the date of the month that your contract started. 

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